Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The ORB Strikes Again!

Just a little change can make a big difference. For example: our mail slot.

We don't have a mailbox, we have a mail slot right next to our door. I love it, by the way. It rewards my innate laziness. No need to go to the mailbox to see if the mail has arrived. No running out to the mailbox if it's raining or icy or ridiculously hot.

Anyway, our mail slot was ugly. Ugly. No lie.



I think it used to be a brass color.

If you squint it kind of looks like it's a leopard-spotted mail slot. Wild!

Not the look we were going for. So . . .

  1. Break out the screwdriver and take it down.
  2. Lightly sand it down.
  3. Then spray on a coat of my fave ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) spray paint.
  4. Screw it back on the house . . .

And I think she turned out beautifully!


I know we need to clean the siding. Our house is supposed to be white not gray. It'll get done eventually. Promise. Don't judge.

So great. And I didn't spend a dime because we already had the paint on hand. So much better than shelling out $35 for a new one.

For a side-by-side review:


Makes me smile. I hope our mailman likes it too.

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