Saturday, October 01, 2011

31 Days of Fall Fun {Day 1}: 5 Simple Ways to Decorate with Pine Cones

Welcome to Day One of my 31 Days of Fall Fun series. I am very excited about  all the Autumn goodies I have to share with you in the next month. I hope you will join me for the whole series!

Can you believe it’s October? September just flew by. Fall is officially here. In my neck of the woods the temperature has fallen from this summer’s 90-100 degree temperatures to the 70s. It’s been gorgeous.  There are even a few leaves starting to turn yellow on one of my oak trees in the front yard.

One of my favorite signals of the coming of Fall is when the stores start stocking cinnamon scented pine cones. Mmmm.

Pine cones are great. You can probably find them for free in your yard (or your neighbor’s yard). Or at the park. And they look beautiful as a part of Fall home décor.

If you can spare a few dollars though, the cinnamon scented ones are the best in my opinion. I bought a couple of bags of pine cones and plan to make a few projects with them.

In my perusing of Pinterest and other inspiring blogs, I found quite a few pine cones laying around.
Here are five simple ways to include pine cones in your Fall décor.

1. Vase filler

Decorating at its finest. Pour cones into a pretty vase and you’re done. Give yourself a gold star if you add mini white pumpkins and twigs.

pine cone vase filler via shanty to chic
Tutorial at Shabby 2 Chic

2. Pine cone wreaths

Incredibly simple and inexpensive to make. Here are two different styles and their respective tutorials. I would make one of these but my husband thinks our house is maxed out with two wreaths. (I might have to make a small one and sneak it in somewhere. They are just too dang cute!)

pine cone wreath via maya made
Tutorial at Maya Made

pine cone wreath via just a girl
Tutorial at Just a Girl

3. Pine cone door décor

Pine cones, ribbon, and glue. Easy peasy and cutie patootie.

pine cone door decor via sweet paul
Tutorial at Sweet Paul

4. Pine cones as window box filler

Pine cones make a great stand-in for flowers in window boxes or flower pots during the cooler months of the year. They’ll look really great after a snow too!

pine cones via real simple
Real Simple

5. Pine cone garland

This project is a classic from Twig and Thistle and I’m going to be making it this weekend, So adorable. The most difficult part of making this garland will be deciding where to put it!

pine cone garland via twig and thistle
Tutorial at Twig and Thistle

Thanks for joining me on Day 1 of my series! I hope you’ll join me tomorrow. There’s so much more to come!

Missed a few days of my Fall Fun series? Don't worry! You can find a list of every day right here.

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  1. I love your ideas! :) I'll be following your series! :)

  2. Cute ideas!! I love the pinecone garland!

  3. Aww. Thanks, Laura!

    I was checking out your blog. I'm going to have to try your chicken corn enchilada recipe. Looks delish!

  4. I know, isn't that garland adorable?! I'm going to string one up somewhere. The great thing about pine cones is that they will transition well into the Christmas season too.

  5. It is delicious!! Hope you enjoy! :)

  6. Love the simplicity and loveliness of these ideas! One of my favorite parts of fall is the cinnamon pine cones too.... I can't wait to get my kids involved and have a pine-cone party with this blog post! Looking forward to your month of posts! :)

  7. I love pinecones! Thanks for the tips. Can't wait to see the rest o the series :)

  8. Thanks!
    I hope you all have fun with your pine cone party!
    I remember as a kid having fun making bird feeders out of pine cones. We stuffed them with peanut butter, rolled them in bird seed, and then hung them with string on the trees in our back yard. Loved it and so did the birds!

  9. LOVE pinecones this time of year, and really all thru the colder months. Great inspiration pics. Will be following along your 31 days....

  10. What great ideas! Now I need to find some pinecones...

  11. I really like decorating with pine cones for three reasons. !. They are everywhere where i live. 2. My aunt always used them to decorate. 3. You can always find cute ways to use them to decorate.

  12. These are so pretty! Pine cones never get old to me in any season . Thanks..

  13. So pretty! I love pine cones, too, and find it hard to leave them on the ground if I'm walking by.. Thank you for the inspiration.


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