Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days of Fall Fun {Day 19}: Halloween Costume Ideas

I have a problem. I have no idea what I'm going to be for Halloween.

And I need to come up with two costumes. Probably. One for school and one for "real".

I've never been that excited about costumes. Most adult costumes at the store are usually too expensive, inappropriate, or typical. Why are so many women dressing up as a sexy pirate, nurse, police woman, etc? Maybe I'm just a fuddy-duddy.

Kids costumes are so much more fun and easy to make. How cute is this?

Dollar Store Crafts

The only adult costume I like so far is this Carmen San Diego costume:
I think it would be pretty easy to put together. I own black leggings and heels. I think I would be able to pick up a trench coat at a thrift store. I'm just not sure about the hat. . .

Still not absolutely in love with the idea.

Do you all have any ideas for me? I'm getting desperate!

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  1. I was thinking for school --I can't rememebr the name but I'm sure you know the book -the class has a really nice teacher and then one day Mrs Swampwater ( this may not be the correct name) and the children are terrified. - You could be Mrs Swampwater for school. -For the "real costume" something pretty -even a pretty witch .

  2. I'm going as Marge Simpson for school. I actually have to conduct a concert in that costume next week....but it ought to be easier than conducting as E.T. was last year. If I lived closer I'd let you raid my costume closet. I'm not sure yet if I'll have occasion to wear a costume other than for school....but the cavewoman may reappear if that is the case.


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