Friday, June 24, 2011

Easy Monogrammed Plate

Start with a white porcelain plate,

add a porcelain paint pen,

and end with a monogrammed plate!

I printed out the letter, cut it out and traced it on the plate with a ballpoint pen. The lines were faint, but mistakes are easily wiped off. Then I filled in the lines with the porcelain pen. Wait 24 hours then bake in the oven for 35 minutes at 300 degrees, as per the instructions that came with the porcelain pen. Just make sure the plate is oven safe.

Easy peasy!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Over the Weekend

These two wonderful people were married:

My little sister, Megan, and Brandon
Their wedding was beautiful. The bride was gorgeous. I cried and was thrilled for them. I was a bridesmaid, probably for the last time.

There was a lot of family in town and our little house was full of people, which was great.

I was busy. At times, stressed. At times, a little sad-- at letting go the last strings of my girlish childhood relationship with my baby sister. Yet mostly excited for the start of developing the deep and more mature relationship I know I will have with her as married woman.

Though, knowing us-- not too mature. Ever.

I love you, Megs. You picked a good man. Hope you're having a great time on your honeymoon.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Closet Curtains

I didn't get any projects done in the house today because we were in recovery mode from the "sweet and spicy" bachelorette party for my sister that occurred here last night. Great fun, great food, and a great mess left over.

But in all the fun that's gone on the last few days I was a little distracted from sharing my project from Wednesday.

The Tale of the Closet Curtains:

When we moved into our house the bedroom closets did not have doors. "Not a big deal," the previous homeowners said, "the doors are in the garage, we took them off because we prefer them that way."


Lo and behold, the doors were in the garage as promised. I knew they were of the junky bi-fold variety, but that would be better than having an open closet. Josh got to looking at them and the tracks and door hardware was pretty messed up. More work than was worth for those doors.

That got me to thinking.

Then I said the phrase that Josh has probably come to dread: "Honey, do you think it would be possible if. . ." Then I'm off in my house dream land, where all projects are easy and everything turns out great.

I want real doors. Essentially french doors for the closets.

My darling husband told me for that to work we would need to reframe the closets because the bi-fold doors were hung significantly lower than most doors. Which left awkwardly large cabinets above the closet. It's an inefficient use of space.

Long story short, Hubby says, yes, it's possible but not now. Probably soon.

Bummer. Two ambiguous words in the same phrase. Probably and soon. Translates: anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

In the meantime, I'm sick of looking at my closet clutter.

Enter: Closet Curtains.

I don't have a before shot. Just imagine this without the curtains hanging on the side:
"Before" shots are always embarrassing.
My wonderful mother-in-law came over Wednesday afternoon with her Mighty Mender sewing machine and we created curtains from $5 flat twin sheets from Walmart.

1. Cut the bottom of the sheet to the length you need the curtains to be.

2. Hem the edge you just cut. While you hem, impersonate Tim Gunn by muttering such phrases as, "Make it work!"

3. Cut a slit in the top part where there's already a hem

4. Slide them onto a curtain rod.

Easy peasy.


Is it as nice as my idealistic french doors? No, but we focus on taking small steps in the right direction here. I like to celebrate the small victories.

Hmmm, looking at this picture, I realize how bad I did at ironing them. Oops.

Big thanks to Daneen and her Mighty Mender!

I'm thinking that I might add a pattern on the sheets with fabric paint at some point for some pizzazz. I'm thinking a chevron pattern. Like this:

Chevron curtains from