Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bookshelf Inspiration

It seems everywhere I turn recently I'm finding lots of beautiful bookshelf inspiration on Pinterest and other blogs.


Little Green Notebook

Desire to Inspire

And my favorite:
Caitlin Wilson Design

These photos have turned my attention to our small office in desperate need of a makeover. We have a great set of built-in bookshelves there, but they definitely need of some love.

The plan:

  1. Organize, organize, organize! 
  2. Find better structured baskets or bins for the back of the deep cubbies. The ones I have now are not strong enough for the task. They should be re-purposed elsewhere.
  3. Sort through the books and arrange in categories.
  4. Make it pretty.

I was noticing that my favorite bookshelves were those that had a more defined color scheme. For some reason, it seems that a lot of our books are decidedly more colorful than most, which is driving me crazy. All the colors make it seem even more visually chaotic.

So, call me crazy, but I'm thinking I'll do something like this:

Twig and Thistle

Except maybe in these colors:

Bookshelf colors

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Links


Friday, June 24, 2011

Easy Monogrammed Plate

Start with a white porcelain plate,

add a porcelain paint pen,

and end with a monogrammed plate!

I printed out the letter, cut it out and traced it on the plate with a ballpoint pen. The lines were faint, but mistakes are easily wiped off. Then I filled in the lines with the porcelain pen. Wait 24 hours then bake in the oven for 35 minutes at 300 degrees, as per the instructions that came with the porcelain pen. Just make sure the plate is oven safe.

Easy peasy!

Yellow Makes Me Happy

I think it's kind of fun.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pottery Barn Trickery!

So the tree branch died. I knew it would. It didn't even last a day. There must be some secret that I'm missing. I've seen beautiful pictures where branches have been placed in vases. Mostly from Pottery Barn. I know the rooms are staged, but I just didn't expect my branch to wilt so soon.

Evidence #1, Pottery Barn

Evidence #2, Pottery Barn

Evidence #3, Pottery Barn
Ok, so maybe that last one has fake branches.

Cut flowers can last a week. What makes a branch so different?

So I took a different direction. Here's my inspiration photo:


I sprayed branches yellow. I like it. I love yellow. I will have to share what it looks like with you tomorrow. It's too dark to take a good picture now.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Faux Mantel

Recently I have noticed, with some envy, the beautiful pictures of summer mantels circling around the blogsphere and pinterest.

A few examples:

I love typography so this is right up my alley.

Mantel found via Pinterest

If I had an endless supply of flowers, I would so have this mantel.

Floral mantel found via Pinterest

I am envious because I do not have a fireplace in my home, so there is no mantel to decorate.

But then it hit me the other day. . .

I have a faux mantel! 

There is this long, narrow space above the built-ins in the office. Perfect. It's about as close as I can get to a real mantel. Why don't I decorate it like it is one?

I had not really given the area a thought in quite some time. I had leaned one of my favorite pictures on the shelf and then thrown in a few other objects that hadn't found another home. It certainly wasn't very cohesive. The art is still something I love, but it isn't something all that summery. So I'll wrap it up and it'll make its reappearance several months from now.

Here's what the hot mess looked like:

The wintry art. The two cute, chrome piggy banks that looked completely out of place. The glass vases were full of honeymoon mementos that I want to put in a shadow box. And some faux magnolia blooms that I always accidentally call "mangolias" or "mongolias". It wasn't working.

So I shopped my house and this is what I came up with for now:

I think it's quite good for twenty minutes worth of effort. This, I am sure, is the first edition of several. I know that branch of leaves is going to die on me sooner than later, so I wouldn't mind a real plant there. I also wouldn't mind adding in a few more pops of color. It's looking a little monochromatic to me.

What do y'all think?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Over the Weekend

These two wonderful people were married:

My little sister, Megan, and Brandon
Their wedding was beautiful. The bride was gorgeous. I cried and was thrilled for them. I was a bridesmaid, probably for the last time.

There was a lot of family in town and our little house was full of people, which was great.

I was busy. At times, stressed. At times, a little sad-- at letting go the last strings of my girlish childhood relationship with my baby sister. Yet mostly excited for the start of developing the deep and more mature relationship I know I will have with her as married woman.

Though, knowing us-- not too mature. Ever.

I love you, Megs. You picked a good man. Hope you're having a great time on your honeymoon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lamp woes

I was hoping these would work. I've been casually looking around for a pair of lamps for our bedroom. We were shopping in Target last night and we spied this cutie.

Target lamp

They only had one, but they were expected to get more in soon. So we decided to take this one home to try it out. I was a little concerned that it would be too short. I did not want to be sitting up in bed reading and be looking over at an exposed bulb. Josh thought it would be just tall enough.

Exposed light bulb. Boo!

I don't usually say this a lot in our marriage, but I told you so, babe.

I've really been wanting a pair of glass lamps. Anybody seen some affordable ones lately?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Closet Curtains

I didn't get any projects done in the house today because we were in recovery mode from the "sweet and spicy" bachelorette party for my sister that occurred here last night. Great fun, great food, and a great mess left over.

But in all the fun that's gone on the last few days I was a little distracted from sharing my project from Wednesday.

The Tale of the Closet Curtains:

When we moved into our house the bedroom closets did not have doors. "Not a big deal," the previous homeowners said, "the doors are in the garage, we took them off because we prefer them that way."


Lo and behold, the doors were in the garage as promised. I knew they were of the junky bi-fold variety, but that would be better than having an open closet. Josh got to looking at them and the tracks and door hardware was pretty messed up. More work than was worth for those doors.

That got me to thinking.

Then I said the phrase that Josh has probably come to dread: "Honey, do you think it would be possible if. . ." Then I'm off in my house dream land, where all projects are easy and everything turns out great.

I want real doors. Essentially french doors for the closets.

My darling husband told me for that to work we would need to reframe the closets because the bi-fold doors were hung significantly lower than most doors. Which left awkwardly large cabinets above the closet. It's an inefficient use of space.

Long story short, Hubby says, yes, it's possible but not now. Probably soon.

Bummer. Two ambiguous words in the same phrase. Probably and soon. Translates: anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

In the meantime, I'm sick of looking at my closet clutter.

Enter: Closet Curtains.

I don't have a before shot. Just imagine this without the curtains hanging on the side:
"Before" shots are always embarrassing.
My wonderful mother-in-law came over Wednesday afternoon with her Mighty Mender sewing machine and we created curtains from $5 flat twin sheets from Walmart.

1. Cut the bottom of the sheet to the length you need the curtains to be.

2. Hem the edge you just cut. While you hem, impersonate Tim Gunn by muttering such phrases as, "Make it work!"

3. Cut a slit in the top part where there's already a hem

4. Slide them onto a curtain rod.

Easy peasy.


Is it as nice as my idealistic french doors? No, but we focus on taking small steps in the right direction here. I like to celebrate the small victories.

Hmmm, looking at this picture, I realize how bad I did at ironing them. Oops.

Big thanks to Daneen and her Mighty Mender!

I'm thinking that I might add a pattern on the sheets with fabric paint at some point for some pizzazz. I'm thinking a chevron pattern. Like this:

Chevron curtains from hgtv.com

Friday, June 10, 2011

For the love of ORB

ORB = Oil Rubbed Bronze

Old, ugly vent + one coat of ORB = fabulous, new looking vent

Sorry. Gross phone camera photo. The "after" vent is less black looking and more bronze looking in person.
I know it's not a new idea. I know it's not a big change to the room. But it's amazing how improving all the little details of a room can add up eventually to something completely wonderful.

I still have half the can of spray paint left. Time to go crazy and spray some cabinet hardware!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

We're sorry, this scheduled post was interrupted by organizational difficulties. . .

I had plans to share with you the project I was working on this afternoon, which I'm pretty pleased with. However, I was going to say technical difficulties prevent this, but honestly I just can't find the cord the connects my camera and my computer to upload the pictures. So, it's "organizational" difficulties. I'll probably find it as soon as I'm not looking for it.

You can try to hide, camera cord, but there's not many places you can go in a 915 square foot house!

So, hopefully, (fingers crossed) I'll be able to share it with you tomorrow once I find the darn cord. Or I'll have to use the camera on my phone. Eew, I know.

Also, here's a hint at tomorrow's project:
Krylon spray paint
Hmm, aren't I mysterious?!

Monday, June 06, 2011

She painted her piano!

This post at Design Mom rocked my world. She painted her piano! Now I can't stop thinking about it.

This is Design Mom's piano

Growing up we had a well-loved piano, but an ugly piano.The piano was four different wood stains.  It looked like a diy project gone very wrong. But to clarify, it was the previous owners fault. It looked like they wanted to refinish it, so they stripped it and then tried out different stains, but never completed the job. My mom hated it too. She once got a quote for refinishing it. I don't remember the number, but it was too much and it would have taken too long for some else to do it. So nearly two decades have past and there it remains, the quad-colored piano, in my parents' living room.

I now have a piano. It is only one color. It looks just fine. I thought painting pianos was a big deal because that's what I grew up with. However, after seeing this loveliness, it got me to thinking.

Why not?

Dare I?

Hmmmmmmmm . . .


What color?

Turquoise piano brought to you by Addicted to Decorating

Red piano from My Home Ideas via Savvy Housekeeping

One caveat: I would not even dream of doing this to a vintage piano worth a lot of money. My piano is a run of the mill, not too old, not at all new, spinet piano-- so no problems there.

How about yellow?

Saturday, June 04, 2011

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