Monday, June 25, 2012

Haven 2012

 Some of you extremely observant people might have noticed this image in my sidebar the past few months:

haven conference button image

Last week it was finally Haven time!

The Haven conference was a time for bloggers to get together and learn more specifically about home/DIY projects and the more technical aspects of blogging.

Some of the most "notable" home/DIY bloggers were there:
Craziness! I highly recommend taking the time and getting to know these wonderful bloggers if you aren't already familiar with them. They really are among the best.

Going to the conference was quite an adventure for me! Originally Josh was going to be able to make the road trip with me and make a vacation out of it. However, life happens and at the last minute, he wasn't able to go. And since we were too broke to buy a plane ticket at the very last minute . . .

. . . I made the 14-hour drive to Atlanta by myself.

It was a whole lot of this:

haven roadtrip 1

And some of this:

haven mint mandms 1

It was quite a challenge to be honest, but well worth it.

The Haven conference was amazing.

I learned so much from all the sessions I attended. SEO. Social media. Advertising. Décor. PR. Photography. (How to shoot in manual!)

But the best thing about Haven was the chance to meet some incredible bloggers.

And get a bunch (!) of business cards from those incredible bloggers.

haven business cards

So I can support and build relationships with those incredible bloggers.

Which, in turn, will hopefully make me become, (at least someday) an incredible blogger.


If you didn't see my business cards earlier, here's your chance:

the happy tulip business cards

Aren't they adorable?

P.P. S.

You know how weird things usually happen when you're out of town?

The first day of the conference Josh sent this picture to me:

haven indy 1

Isn't that the most pathetic thing you've ever seen?!

Apparently Indy started having these little bumps all over his body and a few were over his eye. He started scratching his eye and within a matter of minutes, his eye looked like that. Josh immediately took him to the vet and found out that it might be a bacterial infection, insect bites, or a grass allergy.

The vet said he looked like he had been boxing. :)

He got meds and had to wear his "cone of shame" (<--- "Up" reference!) overnight, so his eye was better the next day. He still has the little bumps, but we're hoping that they'll clear soon.

Even with his bumps, I think he's the cutest puppy around!

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  1. Stephanie SchmidJune 26, 2012 at 1:40 AM

    I'm interested to get some tips from you. I've had a blog for a couple of years but haven't gotten serious about posting things until the last year or so. My content on the whole is decent, but formatting, Part of it is that I don't have a good camera. But I want to learn, so teach me! LOL.

  2. Loved your recap! It was so nice meeting you. Glad you got back home safely. Oh, and on a funny, random note, my dog's name is Indy too!

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  3. Hi Amy! I am so glad we met at Haven! It was an awesome experience! I was thinking of you on Saturday as I knew you had a long drive ahead. M & M's make life a little sweeter, especially on long drives. So, you know I am digging your nail color. I noticed it at Haven. Your pup is precious even with the cone of shame.
    Happy day to you and I'll be following along your blogging journey!

  4. Sure, Stephanie. I'm NOT an expert at all about blogging yet but I'm learning a lot. :) Is there anything in particular that you wanted to know about?

  5. It was nice meeting you too! Your dog is Indy too? That's wild!

  6. Thanks for the kind thoughts! The drive wasn't so bad. Just a VERY long day. And yes, my discovery of mint M&Ms definitely helped get me through!

    Oh, and the nail color is Essie's "Grecian Goddess". :)

  7. Stephanie SchmidJune 27, 2012 at 6:25 PM

    I'm mostly curious to know about formatting tips and linking with other blogs/bloggers. How do you find out about these things that seem to go all over the internet, like 31 Days of Fall Fun, etc?

  8. That's definitely a loaded question. :)
    As for formatting, I'm learning that building easy navigation through your blog is key-- beyond the simple "categories" in the sidebar. Making sure that everything is obvious: how to contact you, how to easily subscribe to your blog, etc. One of the specific suggestions that they spoke about at Haven was including a project gallery. I've been working on that the past couple of days myself. There's more but I'll email you with some more specifics that I've been learning.
    As for linking to other blogs, I've found them mainly by reading some of my favorite blogs. I've also found some great link parties by paying attention to where other people are linking their posts to.


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