Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Nothing Says "Laundry Time" Like a Vintage Viking Ship

I think some of the most interesting and beautiful homes have just a little bit of quirk. I like homes where people are not afraid to display some of the personality in their decor choices.

Case in point:

I just hung a Viking ship above my laundry room doors.

It was sitting in my closet for years at my parents' house. Then it moved with me a few times after college to my next succession of closets. It most recently has been residing in our garage for the past couple of years. Almost every time it's been moved, my husband has asked why we have this thing.

Nothing says laundry like a Viking ship, right?
The back story:

Soon after my grandfather passed away, the grandchildren were given the chance to walk through his home one last time before it was completely cleaned out and sold. We were told that we were welcome to take any small thing to have in our homes to remember him by.

I saw this Viking ship on the wall in the basement and I just liked it. I have no idea why. I just thought it was interesting. I think my family thought me a little strange for picking it out.

I still like it. I'm glad to this day that I've hung on to it.

I looked up online to see if it might have some worth, since it is stamped "MCMLX" which I believe means that it was manufactured in 1960. It isn't. Somewhere around $20.

I'm considering painting it bright red for a bit more punch, but I'm waffling because I like the details it has now too.

What do you all think: paint it or leave it?

Do you all have a quirky thing in your home?


  1. Stephanie SchmidJune 11, 2012 at 1:14 AM

    Leave it! I have a lot of vintage items in my home that have retained more of their charm by being left as-is. The exceptions are solid wood furniture pieces that I've stripped and restored because their finish was getting bad or because someone had painted them. In the case of the latter pieces, they have a lot more charm in their original states.

  2. my folks have one like that & I've been trying to find one as well

  3. Would you sell your ship to me?

    1. No, sorry. It holds a little too much sentimental value to part with.


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