Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Chalkboard Paint Stick Drink Tags

I received my Ballard Designs catalog in the mail the other day. Since I can't afford many of their beautiful products, I'm always on the lookout for inspiration for my own projects.

When I saw these beverage tags, I knew I could make something like that on my own.

diy chalkboard drink tags

I wanted to take it a step further and apply some of the chalkboard paint I still have on hand from my chalkboard canvas. Plus I thought it would give the tags more flexibility in labeling anyway.

A simple way to make these tags are with paint sticks!

diy chalkboard drink tags

You'll need:

  • paint sticks
  • utility knife
  • drill
  • chalkboard paint
  • sandpaper (maybe)

1. Score the paint sticks where you would like the cut. If you score it well with the utility knife, it should make a clean break when you apply a little pressure. I say should, but there were a few times where the cut wasn't quite as clean, so I sanded down the edge a bit.

diy chalkboard drink tags

2. I then drilled a hole on one end. Since the paint sticks aren't that thick, you don't need to apply a lot of pressure while you're drilling. The weight of the drill should do most of the work.

diy chalkboard drink tags

3. You could stop there and write on words with a marker like the Ballard tags, or you could take it step further and get out your chalkboard paint. I have a chalkboard paint in a pint can, so I simply dipped the tags in the paint and hung them to dry.

diy chalkboard drink tags

It's best to wait 24 hours before writing on chalkboard paint.

Use your prettiest string or twine to tie them to your pitcher. I'm partial to baker's twine.

diy chalkboard drink tags


  1. PURE GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really!! This is AWESOME!!!

    You better be planning on sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! :)

  2. thistlewoodfarmsJuly 5, 2012 at 8:27 PM

    What a great project! I love Ballard....but I love free even more :)


  3. Don't we all! Thanks, Karianne. :)

  4. Hi there - We met at Haven, love your blog! This idea is awesome, especially since it uses something most of us have on hand! thanks

    Fresh Picked Vintage

  5. These are too sweet...featured them tonight! Stop by and grab a featured button!

  6. Hi there - these are great - found you through Uncommon Designs - sorry i didn't get to meet you at Haven. I did something similar around Mother's Day this year. Gotta love Baker's Twine! Dipping them is definitely the way to go - i used a brush and got a lot (too much) texture.

  7. Hi Amy! I linked to your tutorial today in a round-up on my blog:

    Thank you so much for the inspiration!! : )


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