Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cherries And My Wonderful Mother

My mother dropped by today.

She said she had a few things for me-- a little early birthday present.

Ok, I guess you can come on over. :)

And a half hour later she walked in the door with a handful of roses, a little wrapped present, and cherries.

Oh, she knows me well. 

She said she had to get the cherries because they were on sale and knew I loved them.

Good call.

The roses are pretty and the earrings (the little wrapped present) are perfect.

And the cherries were beautiful.

So I thought it was a great opportunity to practice my photography skills. I need the practice. Remember my awful hallway photos?

Hello, gorgeousness.

Cherries can be great photography subjects. They sit still when you're taking pictures.

However, these cherries were bad photography subjects.

They were too delicious.

They kept disappearing on me.

And then there was nothing left to photograph . . .

I love you, Mom.


  1. Cathy M BarfieldJuly 17, 2012 at 9:14 PM

    I love you, precious daughter! You are getting so good with your photography. You are using the lighting well. I love reading your blogs.

  2. This post made me laugh. I love your humor.


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