Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Fall Nesting: Celebrate the Season with Traditions {Day 4}

I'm a tradition lover. Not to the point of obsession, but I love the nostalgia that traditions give our family. Traditions give us something special to look forward to and remind me to appreciate the season.

Josh and I have only been married for a couple of years, so we only have a few traditions for the fall season. However, I'm looking to add more.

We always go to the local pumpkin patch
We have a great pumpkin patch nearby. They have hayrides, a pumpkin launcher, plenty of food, a corn maze, and of course lots of pumpkins. It's a little more expensive than picking up a few pumpkins from the grocery store, but I think the experience is worth it. We love to find just the right pumpkin.

Pumpkin carving night
Our pumpkin carving night has become somewhat of an event. We pick a weekend night and I make chili and cinnamon rolls, which is perfect for a crisp fall evening. After dinner, we spread garbage bags and newspaper over the floor in our living room and start carving while watching a movie.

We love camping. We do more camping in the fall than any other season. We like to go when the weather is mild during the day and is a tad chilly in the evening.

Do you all have any traditions in the fall? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. Chili and cinnamon rolls was always my family's traditional Halloween meal. It's the best combo ever! I do it a little differently now with vegan chili and pumpkin cinnamon rolls (with caramel icing...OMG) but it's still awesome. (Also, brown sugar in your chili is the best addition ever).

    Also, I miss camping with you.


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