Monday, October 01, 2012

Fall Nesting: 15 Things I Love About Fall {Day 2}

Welcome to Day 2 of "31 Days of Fall Nesting"! In case you missed yesterday's post, for the next month I will be sharing my fall nesting ideas every single day, including decorations, recipes, and fall activities. I hope you'll join me!

Ok, without further ado . . .

1. The colorful leaves 
Love 'em-- except for raking them up. Unfortunately we have a handful of extremely large pin oaks, which just turn brown and dump buckets of leaves. They're great shade trees in the summer, but I'm not a fan in the fall. 

I'm jealous of our neighbors' gorgeous maple. At least I get to look at it from afar.

3. Apple crisp 
(recipe coming tomorrow!)

4. It's a sign that Christmas is coming

5. Carving pumpkins 

6. It's hoodies and jeans weather

7. Pumpkin cream cheese truffles

Here's the recipe, in case you're interested.

8. Pine cones
Here's five simple ways to decorate with pine cones.

9. Warm days and cool nights

10. Football food
Not so much the sport itself. My husband watches enough for the two of us.

11. Campfires and s'mores
In case you want a change from the classic s'more, here's seven unique s'mores recipes.

12. Bundles of wheat
I love decorating the house with wheat. Here's how I made a bouquet of wheat last year.

13. Chili and cinnamon rolls
Some people think this combination of foods is strange, but you really should try it. This is typically our meal the evening we carve our pumpkins. I love this little tradition.

14. Cozy movie nights

15. Pumpkin spice candles

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  1. Jen @ OurfinehouseOctober 1, 2012 at 9:16 PM

    Looking forward to the rest of your series! Stopping by from The Inspired Room. Happy Fall!

  2. Enjoyed reading your list. You had some items on it I hadn't even thought of.
    Will be back for your other posts.

  3. cinnamon rolls and chili.... YES! they always used to serve the combo for school lunches. MY FAVORITE Day for lunch. Great tradition to add it to your pumpkin carving night! I think I need to add a cinnamon roll and chili night to my fall traditions :)
    I am one of your new followers I LOVE Tulips.... and your blog name may have had a certain amount of pull to the beginning of a new friendship. I'd love for you to visit sometime if you get a moment.
    I'm looking forward to all of your fall posts. Janita

  4. Mmm. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Truffles! And decorating with pine cones. Lovely little things, aren't they?

  5. Hi Amy! Okay - I'm a pine cone collector. Just love them. Enjoyed your link to ideas for decorating with them. And the pumpkin cream cheese truffles! Yum!

  6. Happy Fall ! Great List :O)

  7. Pine cones are the best-- especially the cinnamon scented ones!

  8. I'm glad you know of chili/cinnamon rolls! I think only certain parts of the country know of the meal because I've received quite a few strange looks from people who think they don't go together. Craziness. :)

  9. Beautiful blog design! Wonderful photos with your list! Many of the same things I think of.

  10. I love your list and your blog. I am your newest follower.

    I am a wee bit late to the party but glad to link up.




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