Wednesday, December 12, 2012

tree branch christmas tree [crafts for christmas]

Here's project number two of three in my "nearly free" Christmas craft mini-series. The first was the paper cone tree and today I made a tree branch Christmas tree for the wall.

I had a little empty corner in the office, next to my desk that needed a bit of festive cheer. So I went out into the yard and found sticks in increasingly shorter lengths.

I had a bit of red spray paint left, so I gave the sticks a light coat. Not enough to cover completely, but just enough to give some color.

I tied all the sticks together with two long pieces of string, which I tied in a knot at the top. I made a loop with the ends to hang it by.

I topped it off with a glittered paper star.

Now my sad little corner is not so glum anymore!

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  1. I LOVE this!!!! We are totally into decorating with nature and this is so simple, yet really gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! :)


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