Friday, January 06, 2012

Font Fabulousness, No. 2

Sometimes I get in the mood for a few new, fun fonts. And man, I found some goodies.

Here's my eight favorite finds:
(plus how I install them)

How I install a font:

(There might be an easier way, but this is how I do it . . . )
(Also, I'm using a PC. I don't know how to do this on a Mac. It's probably similar, but I'm not sure. If you know, feel free to share the info in a comment!)

1. Download the file and save it somewhere that you can find easily.
2. Usually fonts will come in zip files. Open the zip file and drag the TTF file (True Type Font file) onto your desktop.
3. Next, do a search for where the installed fonts folder is stored in your computer. For my computer, it's in "appearance and personalization" in the control panel.
4. After you open the installed fonts folder, simply drag in the TTF file from your desktop.