Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Top 50 Best Blogs of 2012

Babble just published their annual lists of the Top 50 Best Blogs of 2012.

They have six categories:

So far I've been working through the "best overall" list and noticed they have included some old favorites and also found some wonderful new-to-me blogs. I encourage you to peruse the lists to see if you'll find some new blog friends.

Happy Friday everybody!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Happy Spring break trip to me!

It took me about two days in Colorado Springs before I realized that I was about as close to an IKEA as I've ever been in my life.

Those of you who live near this modern marvel probably don't appreciate the how lucky you are. I had only read about the place.

When we turned the corner and I saw IKEA, it was like the heavens opened and I could hear angels singing. :)

The first glimpse from the car window
It was ginormous! (Cue my husband's typical "that's what she said" joke) For all the local people, I think it is even a little bigger than Nebraska Furniture Mart . . . I know. That's saying something.

The first thing we had to do is grab some lunch. I had heard that IKEA has some pretty stellar Swedish meatballs in their cafe. The rumors are true. Yummy.

Caught him checking his phone under the table. Can't blame the guy. He's with me in IKEA during March Madness. He loves me. Obviously.

He is so thrilled to shop and for me taking his picture. Can't you just feel the joy?

The genius of IKEA is that the upper floor is used to showcase everything laid out in rooms. You can see how everything can function in a kitchen setting or a living room setting, etc. I got so much inspiration from just wandering around the first floor.

Josh trying out a kitchen
I loved how they used a bar under the cabinets to hang a variety of things, such as these potted plants, cups of utensils, towels, etc.

We picked up a few of these wire/clip sets to hang some art in our bedroom.

Then there was the downstairs level . . .

It's row after row of home goodness. Unlike the upper level, it's divided up into departments.

I loved this canvas. It's huge. Probably 4 feet by 6 feet. Not bad for $150.

Another great canvas. For some reason, I'm drawn to trees in art. I have no idea why.

Josh decided we needed to take home a bamboo plant. Unfortunately, he stuck in the back window of the car for the road trip home and I think all the direct sunlight pretty much killed it. Oops.

The lighting department was pretty incredible. There were all sorts of unique lamps.

This was one of Josh's favorites. It also can serve as a stool and can support up to 330 pounds. Interesting, huh?

Lastly, as you exit the building, you go through the warehouse section of the store. If you buy any bigger pieces like furniture, this is where you pick it up.

This is picture of just one of the aisles. You can almost tell how vast this place is.

I imagine that I'll try to finagle my way into going to the IKEA every time I'm visiting my family in Colorado.

By the way, I had never tried writing out "finagle" before, so I had to look it up. I assumed it was spelled with two g's. Anyway, as I was looking it up on Google, it said that it's pronounced with a long "a" sound. "Fin-aye-gle." I've always heard it said "fi-nag-le". Is that just a weird Midwest thing?

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