Monday, May 28, 2012

27 Before 27 Update

Last July, I made a list of 27 things that I wanted to accomplish before I turned 27. My deadline is coming up soon, so I thought I should get out the list again and assess how I'm doing:

  1. Paint the bedrooms (We've painted our bedroom, but still need to paint the guest bedroom.)
  2. Organize the office-- it was almost organized, then the pup moved in and it's a hot mess again.
  3. Have a garage sale
  4. Eat more vegetables
  5. Make the perfect homemade salsa (I think I've found "the one")
  6. Get a puppy(?) Done! Love my pup.
  7. Grow an herb garden (Planted. Sprouted. Got eaten by squirrels. I'm just going to have to buy the mature plants.)
  8. Take a photography class
  9. Plant a fruit tree
  10. Paint the fence, porch, and pergola
  11. Plant a climbing vine on the pergola after painting it
  12. Figure out how to organize the video game equipment (Done.)
  13. Re-tile the bathroom
  14. Learn to make at least five crockpot recipes (Got it. I'll share more soon.)
  15. Clean out the hall closet in order to store craft supplies there
  16. Thrift for a coffee table
  17. Find affordable rugs for the living room and office
  18. Backup computer files
  19. Change bedroom light fixture
  20. Host at least one party (Done. The Favorite Things party was such a lot of fun. I definitely plan to host another later this summer.)
  21. Pack my lunches for work
  22. Eat a healthy breakfast each day (Most of the time)
  23. Make a meal plan each week (Still haven't done this on a consistent basis. Unfortunately.)
  24. Take my vitamins each day (I am doing this now. Love my gummy vitamins.)
  25. Create at least one piece of art
  26. Make at least half of all Christmas presents this year (DIdn't happen. Maybe this year...)
  27. Organize the pantry

I haven't gotten as much done on the list as I wanted, but I'm cutting myself some slack since it's been a rough year for me. There are a few things that I am still going to get done though before my July 22 deadline!

Have a garage sale: We need to have a garage sale. The extra cash would be nice, but our potting shed desperately needs to be cleared out. So within the next few weeks, this one should be crossed off.

Organize the pantry: Waiting on Josh for this one. We bought the materials awhile back to convert the shelves into rolling shelves. He has a plan. He just hasn't had the time yet.

Create at least one piece of art: I've an idea rolling around in my head.

Change bedroom light fixture, thrift for coffee table, paint the fence, buy rugs, re-tile bathroom: Probably won't get done because money is really tight right now. Hubby is trying to find a job, the washer just broke, and some unexpected bills came up...sounds like life, right? :)

On a happier note, I'll leave you with this cuteness:

Saturday, May 26, 2012


What I've been up to the last month and a half:

8 weeks old
He was 8 weeks old when we picked him up. He weighed only 20 pounds.

9 weeks old

10 weeks old
He sleeps all the time.

11 weeks old

14 weeks old

Six weeks later we took Indy to the vet again and he had doubled in size.
 Now at 14 weeks old, he is 43 pounds. 

He's such a sweetie.

I'm a proud mama.

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