Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Looking Forward To Fall

Hello, friends.

I'm sorry for my recent absence, but the past few weeks have been a little CRA-ZY. The reason:

I'm finally starting to get in the groove of getting up really early, if such a thing is possible. I've already caught a summer cold, probably because my germ pool just exploded to include over 500 kids again. Such is the immune system of a teacher.

Now that I'm back working, I'm ready to let go of summer. It's time for fall.

I told Josh that as soon as it's September, I'm decking the house with all things autumn.

Fall cookies from Country Living

I've pulled out my September and October back issues of my favorite magazines to peruse.

Pumpkin cake from A Merrier World

And I'm looking through my seasonal Pinterest boards.

Chicken wire pumpkin from Craftberry Bush

I'm so ready for fall colors after such a brown, dry summer.

Glittered pumpkins from Twig and Thistle

Are you ready for fall?

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

My 28 Things To Do Before I Turn 28

I had a birthday a little over a week ago. Last year I made a "27 before 27" list of things I wanted to accomplish before my next birthday-- inspired of course by Nicole from the fabulous Making It Lovely. I didn't make it all the way through my list, but it has been a nice way to look back on the last year and see the progress I've made. So it is something I'm going to continue doing.

I finished twelve and a half items on my list last year, so I included a few of those unfinished items on this year list, but not all.

28 before 28
28 before 28 blogging stuff
  • Make and stick to a consistent blogging schedule

28 before 28 house stuff
  • Organize and clean out the garage and potting shed
  • Paint the whole house (interior)
  • Design on my chalkboard wall every month
  • Make and stick to a regular, realistic cleaning schedule
  • Paint the fence, porch, and pergola
  • Get new sofas
  • Make a rug for the living room or office
  • Change our bedroom light fixture
  • Finish the pantry project
  • Paint the piano

28 before 28 photography stuff
  • Participate in Photo a Day each month
  • Find a way to print/display Instagram pictures
  • Take a photography class through Shoot Fly Shoot
  • Get a "real" camera of my own

28 before 28 health stuff
  • Menu plan consistently
  • Drink more water
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Run a 5k and 10k

28 before 28 gardening stuff
  • Plant an herb garden
  • Grow a lemon tree (indoors)
  • Plant a fruit tree outside
  • Build a privacy fence
  • Renovate the yard

28 before 28 miscellaneous stuff
  • Have all Christmas presents bought or made and wrapped before Thanksgiving
  • Teach Indy to put his toys away
  • Have a professional photo shoot done
  • Go to New York

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