Monday, October 07, 2013

Fall Simmering Scents [Celebrating Fall, Day 8]

One of the best parts of fall is the scents, whether it's the brisk air outside or a pie in the oven. The sense of smell is one of the easiest ways to cozy up your home and bring a little autumnal cheer.

One way I use to make my home smell heavenly is by making my own simmering scents. It's simply looking in your kitchen and spice drawers, pulling out your favorites, and putting them in a pot of simmering water.

This time I used apples, vanilla, rosemary, cloves, and cinnamon.

how to make your own fall simmering scent

Simmering scents are hard to mess up, though I do have a few pairing suggestions:
  • Oranges, cloves, nutmeg, and vanilla.
  • Cranberries, cinnamon, and allspice.
  • Lemon, bay leaf, vanilla, and rosemary.
  • Cedar and cinnamon.
Use your imagination to create your own signature scent. Once you've decided on your ingredients, put them in a small pot and fill with just enough water to cover. Heat to boiling, turn down to low, and let simmer away. If you have it simmering for several hours, watch the water level and refill it as necessary; otherwise it may burn. And of course, don't leave the house with it still simmering on your stove.

Each batch can be used for several weeks. I store mine in the refrigerator between uses. When you are done with a batch you can put it through your garbage disposal to freshen your sink.

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