Wednesday, October 09, 2013

How To Easily Create Chalkboard Art Without Needing Great Handwriting [Celebrating Fall, Day 9]

I love chalkboard. I know many people view it as a dying trend in home d├ęcor, but I think it's here to stay. It's a timeless medium for quick memos, kid sketches, and even gorgeous art. Dana Tanamachi, anyone?

Many people are hesitant to have their own chalkboard, I think, because they feel the need to have great handwriting or an art background. Not true.

I wanted to change out my chalkboard wall with something for fall, so I thought I would share a process of creating beautiful chalkboard art without the need for fancy handwriting skills. All you need is a printout of your design and some chalk.

how to create a beautiful chalkboard design without needing great handwriting

Step 1: Find/create your design

If you're intimidated about creating your own design, you can use mine or look for others online. There are so many free printables out there these days. Just type in "fall printable" in the search box on Pinterest and I'm sure you'll find hundreds.

You can download my design here. Right click on the image and save to your computer. It is free for personal use.

Step 2: Print it out

If the design is already the size you need—great. If you need to blow it up bigger then I use a free website called Block Posters. You upload the image, specify the size, and they give you a pdf of your image. Your image will print out as a group of papers that you can tape together to form the larger image. My design used 6 pages to create a 12" x 24" image. One thing to note: the smaller or more fine the image, the more difficult it will be to create with chalk. That doesn't mean you can't have details, just be aware it won't be as crisp as a pencil.

how to create chalkboard art without fancy handwriting skills

Step 3: Chalk the back

Once you have your image, flip it over to the back, and chalk it up generously.

Step 4: Tape it to your chalkboard and trace

Tape your chalked image to your chalkboard, right side out, just as you would look at it. Now with a pencil, trace the outline of your design firmly. Be careful that you don't trace so firmly that you will tear through the paper though.

Beautiful chalkboard art without needing fancy handwriting skills

Step 5: Take off the paper and reveal your transferred design

Once you are done tracing, you should take off the paper and see the outline transferred to the chalkboard.

Don't be alarmed if it's not absolutely perfect or slightly smudged. It should be clear enough for you to see where you should fill it in.

tutorial for how to create chalkboard art without needing great handwriting skills

Step 6: Fill in the outlines

Carefully fill in the outlines of the design where needed.

how to create chalkboard art easily-- no fancy handwriting needed

Step 7: Clean it up

If there are some areas that are smudged or need a fix, you can use a moistened q-tip to clean it up.

Step 8: Admired your work!

For more chalkboard inspiration, check out my chalkboard Pinterest board.


  1. So cool! I'm going to try this on my chalkboard door!

  2. Thanks that is really helpful! Mine have been pretty pathetic. What kind of chalk are you using? My chalk doesn't really show up that well either.


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