Monday, October 14, 2013

The Pumpkin Patch [Celebrating Fall, Day 14]

If you've never been to your local pumpkin patch—go. I know the pumpkins at the supermarket are cheaper and more convenient, but going to the pumpkin patch is an experience.

It's one of the main ways we celebrate fall as a family every year. You're not just going for the pumpkins, but for the tractor ride, the farm animals, hay maze, and the apple cider.

pumpkin patch 2013

Our local pumpkin patch has been around for over thirty years. It's located on a farm just outside of town. When you get there you can grab a hayride out to the fields or you can just walk out yourself. They have over 100 varieties of pumpkins, which is not something you would get from the grocery store.

One tip for finding the perfect pumpkin: Look for a green stem. If the pumpkin has a shriveled, brown stem, it will likely rot soon.

pumpkins 2013

Once you've found your perfect pumpkin, you can enjoy concessions, look at all the farm animals, take a few shots at the pumpkin slingshot, or get lost in the hay maze.

We took Indiana out with us this time. He enjoyed the experience maybe even more than we did. Walking around with a Great Dane is like walking around with a minor celebrity. He got a lot of love from the families at the patch.

Indiana at the pumpkin patch

We picked our pumpkins this weekend, but we probably won't carve them for another week. Carved pumpkins only last for about 7-10 days. So if you want them to look great on Halloween night, save that activity until next weekend.

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