Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Gold Glitter Dollar Store Charger Plates

gold glitter dollar store charger plates tutorial │ thehappytulip.com

I'm not a huge glitter fan — until the holiday season. When December rolls around I'm all about the sparkle and shine. This little project turns dollar store items into beautiful, elegant gold glitter charger plates.

Doesn't get much better than that, right? Inexpensive, sparkly, and useful! Perfect for a gold Christmas tablescape or as inexpensive gifts.

I picked up the large glass plates at our local dollar store about five years ago for my wedding reception, but I've seen them there lately too. You can also find them at many other large retailers like Walmart very inexpensively.

gold glitter dollar store charger plates tutorial │ thehappytulip.com

You'll need:

  • Glass charger plates
  • Glitter
  • Foam brush
  • Mod Podge or homemade decoupage glue


Flip the plate over and apply the glue with a foam brush to the outer edges. Generously sprinkle the glue with the glitter. After it has dried, shake off excess glitter. If there are any bare spots, apply another layer of glue and glitter to that area. To seal the glitter on the plate, apply another thick layer of glue. Let dry completely before handling.

I ended up applying two extra coats of glue, so the glitter is pretty well affixed to the plate, however I'm not handling them all that much. If you're using the plate a lot or are very annoyed by shedding glitter, you might consider using a clear gloss glaze on them like this one which dries very hard like resin.

Please note that these charger plates are not waterproof or microwave safe.

gold glitter dollar store charger plates tutorial │ thehappytulip.com

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