Saturday, January 10, 2015

Chalk Embellishments [Chalk Lettering, Part 3]

Chalk embellishments tutorial │

Here is finally Part 3 of my amateur's chalk lettering guide.

If you missed it — Part One was about basic chalk lettering techniques and Part Two was about design and layout.

I just wanted to write a little post about embellishments. As an amateur myself, I've found them to be a bit tricky. I think mostly they are a matter of taste, style, and practice, but I do have a few suggestions.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind is if your lettering is simple, the embellishments should be simple. 

There are three basic styles of embellishments that I use: lines, laurels, and swirls.

Lines are perhaps the simplest way of embellishing chalk art: thick lines, thin lines, shaded, cross-hatched, etc. You can see how I used a couple of line styles in the first image.

Laurels are also really easy. If you can draw a circle, you can draw a laurel. I've noticed they are kind of trendy these days too.

Chalk embellishments tutorial │

You can draw a complete laurel or just a section like below.

Chalk embellishments tutorial │

Plain leaves are classic but there are many different yet simple ways to draw a laurel like branches, flowers, or dots, etc.

Plus any line style can be used as a laurel or the other way around.

Chalk embellishments tutorial │

Swirls are a bit more tricky and require more practice. I'm still practicing to get the look right myself.

I like the swirls to conform to the shape of the lettering, so I start by filling the area nearest any ascenders or descenders. In the case of the picture above, I started with the area around the "y" and then moved on to the rest.

Chalk embellishments tutorial │

The last tip I have is to remember that embellishments don't have to be intimidating. I often use chalk art that I see on Pinterest as inspiration.

Just remember all lettering and embellishments are just combinations of straight lines and curved lines.

Have you all any great chalk lettering tips?

I'd love to see any of your chalk lettering creations! Send me a link or tag me on Instagram.

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