Thursday, November 14, 2013

8 Thanksgiving Traditions {Sister Inspirations}

With the start of the holiday season, we were obviously inspired by Thanksgiving. Instead of writing about the food or holiday decorations, we wanted to focus on the spirit of thankfulness. So here are eight traditions that you can start with your family this year.

Thanksgiving Crescent Rolls

This is not an original idea to us, but we thought it was a great idea and wanted to test it out to see if it really worked. And it did.

Cut small slips of paper for each family member to write what they are thankful for during the past year. Gently roll each paper into a crescent roll and bake like normal. At dinner each person can share out the message they found in the roll. You can even make a guessing game out of the activity.

A couple of tips:

  • Roll them up gently. If you smoosh them too much, the paper will stick to the dough and you will have be eating paper with your rolls.
  • Fold the slips in half. We didn't do this to all our rolls and there was a small bit of ink transfer on the ones we didn't fold. Though a little ink didn't kill anyone that I know of. . .

Thanksgiving Chalkboard

If you have a chalkboard wall or canvas, your family can write their thanksgivings to display in your home.

Thanksgiving Stones

This is an activity that can be a way for your family to express their gratitude throughout the year. Thanksgiving is a great time to start.

You will need stones, a vase or other container, and a notebook. I found polished river stones at our local dollar store that worked perfectly for this project. When you have something you are thankful for, you place a stone in the vase and write your thanksgiving in the notebook. In time you will see how your family blessings stack up.

Thankful Tree

I've always liked the idea of thankful trees. In fact a couple of years ago, I posted one of my own. This year I thought it would be great to incorporate it as a centerpiece for the family meal.  I chose one of my favorite vases and brought in a couple small branches of the beautiful fall foliage.  I then wrote the things I am thankful for on a few leaves with a fine sharpie. If you keep water in the vase, the branches should keep for at least a week.

The other four traditions can be found on Megan's blog. Click here for the rest of the list.

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